Is tung oil good for a desk?

Is tung oil good for a desk?

Tung oil is one of the most water resistant of cuing oils and has a centuries-long history of use as a final finish. For a kitchen table, any resin varnish would be an improvement over a final finish of curing oil, but it’s possible to do even better than that.

What oil do you use on beech wood?

Danish oil
We recommend using Danish oil when finishing beech wood surfaces. Danish oil will enhance the natural colour of the wood. If you have old beech worktops or units, a fresh layer of Danish oil can bring them back to life.

Can you finish furniture with tung oil?

Originating from China and South America, tung oil—an extract from tung-tree nuts—is a natural drying oil that coats your fine wood furnishings with a transparent, wet finish. It enhances the color of your wood, offers excellent protection and is eco-friendly.

Is beech wood expensive?

The resulting timber is long and wide and therefore prized. Because it is often used in combination with more expensive woods, beech is extremely common, which helps to keep it one of the most inexpensive hardwoods available.

Can you use mineral oil on an IKEA Gerton desk?

IKEA Gerton (solid beechwood) treatment with mineral oil? So I need a new desk, and preferably something that’s solid wood that can support my dual-monitor mount without sagging or bending. I currently have an Ikea desk that’s made of particleboard, and it’s not going well!

What kind of finish to use on IKEA Gerton?

If your intent is to make a more durable surface but you need a quick cure time and you’re happy with the current coloration I would suggest using a waterborne polyurethane finish, such as General Finishes brand High Performance. You can apply coats with just a few hours in between and they cure enough for light use in a day or less.

How long does it take for IKEA Gerton to dry?

If it is unfinished, according to a comment, the documentation for this SKU from Ikea specifies using their “STOCKARYD” product to finish it. From a look at the product page for that, this is a drying linseed oil finish that dries in 4-6 hours, and will eventually cure solid.

What kind of oil should I use to finish my IKEA table?

Use the recommended drying linseed oil to finish the table, waiting the recommended time for it to dry before using it. Furthermore, the finish it has probably doesn’t offer much in the way of protection from dings and scratches and knocks.